Alpen Karawanserai

Kashrut & cuisine


Kashrus and Meals

No expense is spared to ensure that the kashrus standards will meet or exceed the criteria of the strictest of families. On Pesach, no kitniyos, No gebrochts, and only costly hand-matzos will be used. Under the strict hashgacha of R’ A. Y. Schwartz of Vienna, you can relax, confident that your values are not being sacrificed for comfort. R’ Schwartz’s uncompromising approach ensures that every delectable bite that enters your mouth is backed by the most stringent kashrus standards.


Delicious. Savory. Tasty. Mouthwatering.

The cuisine at the Alpen-Karawanserai Hotel cannot be compared to anything you have ever tasted before. Our professional chefs have been carefully selected for their ability to create the most outstanding gastronomical delights. With years of experience in their field, our culinary staff ensures that you will enjoy heimish and delicious cuisine throughout your stay. Our beautifully presented and plated masterpieces are sure to delight even the most discerning of palates.


Hotel Alpen Karawanserai value first and foremost the well being and safety of our guests. Therefore in light of the current situation our hotel will be closed for the summer season 2020. We wish you a happy and healthy summer.